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Wheezing, Sneezing, Runny Eyes?

 What Everybody Ought To Know About This Allergy Problem ‐ And How To Solve It!  Over the past 20 years or so allergies, such as asthma, have been causing more and more of us to experience those uncomfortable, and in the case of our children in particular ‐ distressing symptoms of allergen sensitivity. It is now estimated that over 50% of children have some form of allergy, and unfortunately for the majority of them these symptoms will not be diagnosed until they are fully 'sensitised' ‐ by which time the allergy could be with them for life. Do You Recognise These Symptoms?

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 Most symptoms associated with allergies are so common we don't even realise they are allergies Symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, sinus pain, runny nose, coughing, rashes, swelling, itchy red eyes and sore throats can all indicate an underlying sensitivity to the allergens. This increase has been blamed on many things including the pollution in our environment. In particular pollution indoors, in our homes.

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  Until recently in this country, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning has been traditionally regarded as simply a cosmetic job to remove stains from years of wear and tear, and it has been carried out by untrained people with low-tech equipment. Now, with improved knowledge and techniques gained from countries such as the United Kingdom, America, Canada and Australia the importance of cleaning for the benefit of the family's health has been recognised as being of vital importance.

 The British Allergy Foundation has described Asthma as "the most common chronic childhood medical condition." However, no one has ever found a 'cure' for Asthma.
 The number of Allergy Sufferers is growing dramatically in the UK. This has been blamed on hundreds of different reasons, such as pollution. If this was true why is there as many sufferers in the Highlands of Scotland as in the inner cities.
 It is our children that suffer the most. Exposure of children in early years of life to allergens increases their risk of developing allergies. Establishing an allergy-friendly environment is the first step in avoiding common allergens and controlling allergies.
 Millions of pounds are lost in production each year when people in offices become 'ill' with headaches tickly throat, runny nose and sore eyes etc.
 We have scientific proof that is not just Asthma, rhinitis and eczema that are caused by the faeces of the Dust Mite ‐ allergies can start as simply as a tickly cough, runny nose and sore eyes etc.
 Some people will tell you to remove your carpets and vacuum with a conventional (bag or cyclone) cleaning machine. This is not correct advice. To transform your life you first need professional advice, professional 'deep' cleaning and PROmite protection.
 PROmite is a unique new product that is clinically tested and proven to create an allergy-free home environment by safely removing the House Dust Mite from your mattress, carpets and upholstery. PROmite a Patented product, unlike most methods ‐ it actually removes the mite, not just the food source and protects your furnishings from soil and stains.

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The House Dust Mite are microscopic (up to 0.3 mm) arthropod creatures related to ticks and spiders. Too small to be seen with the naked eye the mites are turtle shaped creatures with eight legs. They live on the decaying dead skin flakes in house dust, skin that we shed every day. There is hardly a house in the UK without them, although the number can vary between houses containing huge numbers, and others almost none.

 The Mites survival does not only depend on the amount of dust, but very much on the amount of humidity in the house. Without continuous high humidity (50+rh) their skin will cause them to rapidly dehydrate. In these perfect conditions Dust Mites live for 3-4 months with females laying 25 to 50 eggs, with a new generation produced every three weeks.

It is not the Mite that we become allergic to, but ironically it's the waste product from our skin that they digest. In fact it is the powerful protein enzymes the mites digest our skin with, in a similar way to most creatures.
 Each mite will produce around 20 droppings per day everywhere they go. Each of these droppings holds around 10-12 sub pellets that are about 2-10 micron in size and contain their leftover enzymes.

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