Professional carpet cleaning service.

carpet cleaning results     carpet cleaning in Dundee,Angus & Aberdeenshire by a local professional carpet cleaning company near you.
 We provide a trusted and professional local carpet cleaning services,sofa cleaning and karndean floor cleaning in Dundee, Angus and Aberdeenshire areas.
  Using top of the range specialist equipment that’s built into our van, environmentally friendly products and uniformed technicians who are fully qualified in carpet & upholstery cleaning to give our customers the award winning carpet cleaning services they deserve. We will not be beaten on quality and we guarantee our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
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  We deliver premium local carpet cleaning services near you at standard prices and take great pride in our amazing carpet cleaning reviews, most of our customers return to us for repeat services.  We carry and heat our own water (without using your electric which also saves you money) and we take the dirty water away with us after cleaning your carpets. We follow a high performance carpet cleaning process that focuses on several steps using a hot water extraction system,(like steam cleaning) that effectively removes dirt,bacteria and any virus from your home carpets. Once the carpets are clean and sanitised, they will be dry in just a couple of hours.   There is just no comparison to the quality of the carpet and upholstery cleaning service we provide.

carpet cleaning results    The carpet cleaner man is an advanced member of The National Carpet Cleaners Association and are long standing members of The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance and The Federation of Small Business.
We have offices in several locations around Dundee, Angus and Aberdeenshire to better serve our customers. This allows us to provide a more localised carpet and upholstery cleaning service. If you are looking for a carpet cleaner in Dundee, carpet cleaning in Montrose or sofa cleaning in Stonehaven then one of our local carpet cleaning technicians will never be far away. Find out more by calling 0800 246 1091.


carpet cleaning Dundee and Angus

carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning in Dundee,Angus & Aberdeenshire. If you've searched for carpet cleaning near me, you'll find the carpet cleaner man is your local carpet cleaning expert who deep steam cleans carpets and sofas professionally and who also provides Stain treatment, odour control and emergency carpet cleaning services for both domestic carpet cleans and home carpets.
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cleaning upholstery

Upholstery cleaning

  Sofa cleaning in Dundee, Angus and Aberdeenshire. Do you need your sofa cleaned? We clean sofa's professionally and efficiently and you don't have to wait too long for it to be dry either. Book yours today! 0800 246 1091,

karndean flooring clean and reseal

Karndean floor cleaning

Karndean floor cleaning is one of our more popular services these days, cleaning your kardnean floor si it looks good as new. We are so confident in our ability to clean your Karndean floor that we are happy to perform a free demo patch clean when we visit to quote, allowing you to see the process and final result before you book. Let us know what finish you would like from our range of matt, satin or shiny.
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stone,tile & grout cleaning

stone, tile & grout cleaning

The Carpet Cleaner Man are experts in the maintenance of stone and tiled flooring, using methods, products and equipment specifically crafted for cleaning your hard floors. Claim your FREE BOTTLE of our floor maintenance cleaner with every completed job.

stain treatment on a carpet

carpet & upholstery stain treatment

Although small stain treatment is included in our carpet cleaning service, some staining requires special attention. Stains like blood, feaces and body fluids actually come under trauma and bio cleaning (which we are trained in) and other styaining such as coffee or wine can hve disasterous results if not treated quick or correct.
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insect pest control qualification

carpet beetles, moths & infection control

Having carpet beetles doesn’t mean your dirty, it just means insects have found a way into your home. We can get rid of them and their eggs too,so you don’t need to worry again. We also provide infection control, trauma cleaning and sanitising services.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Question 01

    How long will it take to clean my carpet?

    A standard carpet clean will take us around an hour, if you are having multiple rooms cleaned then it will take a couple of hours for us to clean them using our five step cleaning syatem and our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine.

  • Question 02

    How long will it take my carpets to dry?

    This varies by carpet type, weather etc. We leave your carpet touch damp when finished. It will need an hour or two to dry completely. We ask that you try to not walk on the carpet for these couple of hours but if unavoidable, it will not cause any issues.

  • Question 03

    What cleaning method do you use?

    Not a lot of people know to ask this question, but the method and equipment a professional cleaner uses will have an effect on the results. We use a powerful, truck-mounted, hot water extraction unit (commonly known as steam cleaning) along with our multi-step cleaning process. This process is designed to deep clean carpet fibers, guaranteeing maximum soil removal and minimal drying time without leaving soil attracting residues behind.

  • Question 04

    I have heard that after cleaning, a carpet gets dirty quicker. Is this true?

    This problem is caused by sticky cleaning residues left behind by inexperienced, uneducated cleaners utilizing a poor quality "one-size-fits-all" carpet cleaning systems. Our multi-step cleaning process is customized to your carpet fiber, (Natural, synthetic, or even blends of the two) and soiling conditions. Rinsing with our powerful truck-mount extraction equipment guarantees maximum soil and detergent removal

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local carpet cleaner

Your local carpet cleaners

  Your local carpet cleaner man is Alex Stewart who has been cleaning carpets for over ten years. Alex is well known as the best carpet cleaner in Dundee and Angus, having won many awards and accolades to prove this.
   Alex is proud of the work he does to Provide the best carpet cleaning service at affordable rates. We offer an aftercare service that allows our customers to relax knowing their carpets are in the hands of real professionals.
  When you hire The Carpet Cleaner Man to clean your carpets and upholstery, You know you are hiring a local business with a great reputation who continuosly prove they are trusted traders and a pleasure to work with.
domestic and commercial carpet cleaning by the best local professional carpet cleaning company. Get booked in: 0800 246 1091

Carpet Cleaning - How do you clean carpets professionally?

  There are many names for carpet cleaning, some call it steam cleaning while others call it carpet shampooing but how is it done? how do you clean carpets professionally compared to hiring a machine yourself?
  A professional carpet cleaner will always start by testing the fibre of your carpet because You can’t use high PH cleaners,(like the stuff high street shops sell) on wool or natural fibre carpets as it will damage them and there are many other fickle things that can ruin your carpet if you don’t know what to look out for. Fibre identification is important, as is the type of carpet backing. If your carpet has a jute backing then there’s the possibility of browning, that’s where the colour from the jute is pulled into the carpet by moisture or over wetting on the clean leaving brown stains.  Once we know what the carpet is made from, we have to check for any damages or faults to the carpet that could effect how we clean it. Is the carpet fixed to the floor correctly? if not then the carpet can potentially shrink, are there rips that might get pulled up and become trip hazzards. All these problems need found and sorted before any actual cleaning of the carpet can happen.
treating stains on a carpet   Once the inspection is over, its time to treat stains on the carpet . We find the small stains and get them treated as best as we can. Not all stains can be removed and a lot depends on how long they have been there and what you have already done to the stain on your carpet. Most customers throw everything under the sink at stains, which usually ends up making it worse or even untreatable. We do treat what we can and have a great success rate on stained carpets but removal is never guaranteed.
We have an emergency stain treatment guide available to download for those who just cannot wait on a professional carpet cleaner to arrive. you can grab it here.
So far we have identified what the carpet is made from, we have treated the small stains and now can proceed to the next stage of cleaning the carpet, which will be vacuuming. Did you know that up to 80% of the dirt in your carpet is dry dirt that can be vacuumed out? If the dry dirt is not removed, when water gets put into your carpet it will make the dirt turn to a sludge that won’t clean out that easy,imagine it like wet sand deep down in the carpet. Carpet cleaning professionals use powerful vacuums that are specifically designed for carpet cleaners.
  Once your carpets have been vacuumed we move onto the pre spray treatment. We spray a fibre specific cleaning solution onto your carpet and then agitate it deep into the pile using a rotary brush machine. The solution breaks down dirt,pulls it off the fibres and keeps it there until it’s rinsed out. It also has an amazing look on the carpet as we agitate it, you can clearly see the difference at this point and thats before steam cleaning. While agitating the solution into the carpet, the pile will also get lifted.
pre cleaning a carpet   It’s at this stage where we get the carpet cleaning machine ready. The one we have is built into the back of our van,has its own power supply, heats up the water and removes the dirty water from your home. We do not even need to use your electric at all. Other carpet cleaners have various portable carpet cleaning machines that have different levels of power and perfomance. We highly reccomend you check with whomever you book your carpet cleaning with for what machine they do use, as many are not really any use for proper deep cleaning. A machine that you can rent from a shop is not going to clean your carpet like a machine from a professional carpet cleaning company will.   It’s also worth noting that everything done up to this stage of the carpet clean is NOT DONE by most people who say they are carpet cleaners. Because there are no requirements to becoming a carpet cleaner, anyone can grab a machine and say they are professionals but only those who have done training and have invested in real equipment will do the full cleaning service properly. It’s always a surprise when new customers tell us “the last guy never did any of that stuff”. When we get our machine ready, we simply run some hoses from the van to your house, we carry 300 feet of hose so can reach every property easy enough. Our carpet cleaner is quite something to watch, the machine heats the water then sends it along the hoses at around 200psi. When it reaches the the end of the hose it will be directed into the carpet where the pressure will push it deep into the fibre so it captures all the dirt which will be imediately sucked up by the vacuum. Our vacuum has serious power and will suck almost all the water right out of your carpet leaving it barely damp at all. The carpet itself will be dry in just an hour or two (depending on conditions like heat,air movement etc).
   Having steam cleaned the carpets in your home and removed all dirt, while leaving no residue behind - We move onto the sanitising. We live in a time where virus’s are very much in the news and our minds so we now sanitise all carpets that we clean as part of our standard carpet cleaning service and don’t charge any extra for this. We like to feel that we are doing our part to make our customers feel secure in the knowledge that their homes are safe from any bacterial badness. Our staff spray an NHS approved sanitser onto your carpet and rake it in with our brush tools. This sanitiser will kill any bacteria that’s in your carpet and will continue to kill it for at least a week. This is another step that most other carpet cleaners don’t do, or at least charge extra for.
cleaning carpetsAs the best carpet cleaner in the area, we are proud of how complete our service is. We operate on a single service level that is beyond most companies gold standard while delivering it for regular pricing. There are no gimicks, no corners cut and no extra add ons that you will get charged for. We even guarantee customer satisfaction, or your money back!

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