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local carpet cleaning services

Carpet cleaning services

Our carpet cleaning services are tailor made to your personal requirements. Single rooms, full houses & office blocks. The carpet cleaner man uses a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to bring out the best in your carpets.
We guarantee you will notice the difference!
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sofa and upholstery cleaning services

Upholstery cleaning services

Our upholstery cleaning services will leave your sofa clean and fresh, with our special low moisture upholstery cleaning solutions, you wont be waiting forever for it to dry either.
we can also supply carpet and upholstery stain protection.
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tile and grout cleaning service

Tile & Grout cleaning

Most customers don't know were to start with the seemingly impossible to clean tile & grout floors. As professional trained tile and grout cleaners we CAN clean that floor, remove grout haze and get your hard floor that look you wanted.
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Karndean amtico and safety floor cleaning and sealing.

Karndean, Amtico & Safety floor cleaning

It has never been easier to clean and maintain your Amtico or Karndean Design flooring. Yet like any hard flooring, regular maintenance will enhance the beauty and durability of your floor. The carpet cleaner man specialises in cleaning and sealing Karndean, Amtico and safety floors. Book a free survey and we'll perform a small test patch so you can see what the results will look like, before you buy.
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stone floor cleaning and polishing.

Stone floor cleaning, polishing, sealing

There's nothing we enjoy more than restoring natural stone flooring. Our knowledge combined with the top equipment in the idustry and our specialist cleaning products, means we can restore the beauty to your natural stone flooring.
Natural Stone, tile and grout, porous stone, tiles with a manufactured glaze on them, travertine, slate and terracotta, Marble. Clean - Seal - Polish
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pest control & bio hazard cleaning

Pest control & Bio hazard cleaning

We are bio hazard trained and registered waste carriers, Some of our services include sharps disposal, blood & body fluid cleaning and trauma scene cleaning.

Registered insect pest control - for the removal of carpet beetles, moths and dust mites, contact us today.
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carpet cleaning qualification certificates

Whats in your carpets?

here's what you don't know.

One of the most important and expensive investments in your home is your carpets, but there are hidden germs lurking in the places you and your family use the most.  In fact, it has around 200,000 bacteria per square inch, which believe it or not is around 4000 times grosser than your toilet. There are a whole host of bacteria lurking in your carpets which can cause all sorts of nasty illnesses, from sickness and diarrhoea to skin infections and allergies and these aren't even the serious ones!
The Solution - Vacuum regularly, keep your carpets as dry as possible and have them cleaned professionally at least once a year, preferably twice. A staggering 84% of adults believe that their carpets are clean, however only 9% claim to having them cleaned regularly!
Let us help you eliminate those germs and get your home healthy and safe again!

some of the equipment we use


Quality or Value?

You shopped around for prices and got what you believed was the best deal. Working on the basis that all carpet cleaners are the same and regardless of how much or little you agreed to pay, you'll end up with the same thing - a perfectly clean carpet!
When you booked a carpet cleaner, all you've actually got is a 'promise' of a clean carpet, but it hasn't been delivered yet and when you were ringing for prices your focus was on the price. Yet come the day of cleaning it suddenly becomes about quality, or what exactly are you are going to get for you money?