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Professional carpet cleaners in Dundee, Angus & Aberdeenshire

  Premium carpet cleaning services at affordable rates and well established as one of the best carpet cleaners in Dundee, Angus and Aberdeenshire.  Our carpet cleaning services are tailored to your specific needs. Single room carpet cleaning or a full house of carpets on a regular or one off basis.  We professionaly clean carpets using a high powered machine that is fitted into the back of our van. This gives your carpet the ultimate deep clean and provides quicker drying time too. carpet cleaningOur carpet cleaners are fully insured and are highly trained and qualified.
  Each individual carpet is tested for fibre type prior to cleaning as part of our five step deep carpet cleaning service, Our cleaning solutions are crafted for your specific carpet type to bring out the best result.
The Carpet Cleaner Man guarantees our work with a 100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee, you will notice the difference and will be left pleased with fresh and clean carpets. Domestic and commercial carpet cleaning.

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Carpet cleaning - Steam clean & Low moisture clean

Hot water extraction - Also known as steam cleaning or carpet shampooing. This is performed using a 5 stage system. If you hire a professional carpet cleaner and they don't do these stages,   then maybe the company is not as professional as they may have led you to believe.

  • Stage 1 - carpet gets vacuumed
  • Stage 2 - small stain treatment
  • Stage 3 - pre treatment spray
  • Stage 4 - agitation
  • Stage 5 - Hot water extraction
  • Stage 6 - (optional) carpet dryers
Using the carpet steam cleaning method will leave your carpets touch damp, they should be dry in 2 - 4 hours at most. With our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine, your clean carpets are left virtually dry when we finish!

Low moisture / Dry carpet cleaning

Also called Encapsulation cleaning. This system will leave your carpets dry within 30 minutes and you can walk on it straight away.
  The process involves the encapsulating chemical being sprayed onto the carpet to be cleaned and then brushed in using a cylindrical or rotary brush machine or bonnet.   The encapsulation chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes it so it can't attract other soils.   The encapsulated soil particles release from the carpet fiber and are removed by normal vacuuming.
Some of the chemical will remain in your carpet forming a longer lasting protective treatment.

Qualified and insured carpet cleaners:

  We take pride in being at the forefront of the carpet cleaning industry, continually training to learn the latest techniques and understanding the new fabrics and fibres that carpets are made from. All the while, upgrading our equipment to the best available.
We are Members of The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance, long standing members of the Angus Reputable Trader Scheme and the federation of small business. All our staff are bio hazard trained to deal with blood and trauma scenes, hold advanced qualifications in stain treatment and are registered insect pest control specialists. We don't just come and clean your carpets, we know what they are made from and how they are made and we know what is the best method, cleaning solution and technique to bring out the best result possible.
Don't waste your time hiring someone who has no training, no idea and no insurance for when they ruin your home carpets. Just pick up the phone and call The Carpet Cleaner Man toady, We clean carpets... It's what we've trained for.