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  Professional carpet cleaning services at affordable rates and well established as one of the best local carpet cleaners in Dundee and Angus.  Our carpet cleaning services are tailored to your specific needs. Single room carpet cleaning or a full house of carpets on a regular or one off basis.  Our carpet cleaning prices are based on standard sized rooms and we offer multi room discounts that can give you up to 30% off. carpet getting cleanedOur carpet cleaning specialists are fully insured and highly qualified and always leave a job professionaly well done.
  We are a small local family business.
The Carpet Cleaner Man guarantees our work with a 100% customer satisfaction money back guarantee, you will notice the difference and will be left pleased with fresh and clean carpets. Domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services available. Get booked in: 0800 246 1091

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Carpet Cleaning - A five stage deep steam clean

  Our steam cleaning carpet system uses five stages for the clean.   “steam

  • Stage 1: pre inspection & treatment - we need to know what type of carpet and stains there are so we can clean them correctly.
  • Stage 2: Vacuuming - up to 80% of dirt in your carpet is dry dirt and can be vaccumed out, you need to be thorough with your vacumming.
  • Stage 3: pre spray & agitation - spraying a fibre specific solution onto your carpet and agitating it deep into the pile using one of our specialist machines.
  • Stage 4: Deep steam clean - Using hot water created by the machine built into our van, we rrinse your carpet to elimintate the dirt, leaving it almost dry right away.
  • Stage 5: Sanitising - We always sanitise to remoive any bacteria/viruses that may be hiding, leaving a residual protection that continues to kill bacteria for weeks.
  • Extra stage: In some cases we also add air movers to speed dry the carpets, leaving them dry before we leave!

  •    We believe that ours is the best local carpet cleaning service you can get nearby or far away and back that up with a money back satisfaction guarantee. You paid a lot of money for your carpets, don’t take the chance on them getting ruined by an untrained rogue trader, always hire a professional carpet cleaner.
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    Low moisture & Dry carpet cleaning

    Also called Encapsulation cleaning. This system will leave your carpets dry within 30 minutes, you can walk on it almost straight away.
      The process involves the encapsulating chemical being sprayed onto the carpet to be cleaned and then brushed in using a cylindrical or rotary brush machine or bonnet. carpet shampoo cleaning  The encapsulation chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes it so it can't attract other soils.   The encapsulated soil particles release from the carpet fiber and are removed by normal vacuuming. This is the same system deployed by many of the dry cleaning carpet cleaning businessess around, however it is not the deepest carpet clean you can get. The best and deepest clean you can have for your carpets is the steam clean service.
    Some of the chemical will remain in your carpet forming a longer lasting protective treatment.

    cleaning carpets

    Qualified and insured professional carpet cleaners:

      We take pride in being at the forefront of the carpet cleaning industry, continually training to learn the latest techniques and understanding the new fabrics and fibres that carpets are made from. All the while, upgrading our equipment to the best available.
    We are Members of The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance, long standing members of the Angus Reputable Trader Scheme and the federation of small business. All our staff are bio hazard trained to deal with blood and trauma scenes, hold advanced qualifications in stain treatment and are registered insect pest control specialists. We don't just come and clean your carpets, we know what they are made from and how they are made and we know what is the best method, cleaning solution and technique to bring out the best result possible.
    Don't waste your time hiring someone who has no training, no idea and no insurance for when they ruin your home carpets. Just pick up the phone and call The Carpet Cleaner Man toady, We clean carpets... It's what we've trained for.

    Preparing for your professional carpet cleaning service

    You've booked, but what now?

     One of the top questions we get asked once somebody has booked a carpet cleaning service is "what do I do now?" or "what happens next?" 
    So we have put together a mini guide on how to prepare for your carpet cleaning service because having The Carpet Cleaner Man arrive and be able to get straight to work is the ideal way of having a perfect carpet cleaning experience

    Preparation.... that's the key to it all.

    Have a parking spot available for The Carpet Cleaner Man,
    It's the first thing we will need when we turn up to clean your carpets. The closer to your property the better so we can unload and set up our cleaning equipment. Having a parking spot readily available will also save you the trouble of rushing around to move your car and shows that you are prepared.

    Have arrangements in place for children or pets.
    Getting the kids/dogs watched, playing outside or keeping them in a spare room out of the way is ideal. A crying child or barking dog could distract you and make meeting your carpet cleaner on arrival more complicated than it needs to be.

    Vacuum your carpet before The Carpet Cleaner Man arrives,
    Professional carpet cleaning machines are made to clean the fibres of your carpet, so larger bulky debris will clog the equipment. You can save time and inconvenience by hoovering before we arrive and this lets us get right to the job at hand, cleaning your carpets.

    Clear out small items from the rooms,
    Moving small items from the room such as electronics, plants, lamps will give The Carpet Cleaner Man more room to work, allowing us to focus on the carpet cleaning process itself. I assure you, if you have the capability of clearing out your rooms as much as possible, moving small items onto tiled flooring or even placing items on top of beds for the day, The Carpet Cleaner Man will be breathing a big sigh of relief! Who knows how many times we have visited a home only to find everything still messy and items all over the place when we arrive.

    Moving large items,
    We follow the industry safety standards which do not allow our technicians to move large or breakable items such as Pianos, China Cabinets, etc... So if there is a need to have items like these moved, it would be best to have them moved prior to our arrival. We can move some items such as a sofa/couch around the room if needed.

    Do a walkthrough with us when we get there.
    On our arrival, take a little time with your technician and go through each room pointing out areas of concern. It helps if you inform us of any unusual stains you are aware of and what caused them, this allows us to treat them with the correct chemical and saves time trying to identify them. If you have furniture you would like us to move, this is a great time to let us know. By doing this it helps your carpet cleaner man know your expectations and also gives you the opportunity to get to know us a little as well.

    Part of the joy of hiring a professional carpet cleaner is having someone else do the dirty work for you, yet taking these pro-active steps can help make sure you get the cleanest carpet possible and the best service possible.

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    What to expect from your carpet cleaner.

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      The carpet cleaning industry is one of the few industries that are not regulated, and also has a very low barrier to entry in that anyone can call themselves a "professional carpet cleaner" without any basis for that claim. Anyone who turns up to your home with a Rug Doctor, a Karcher or unbelievable as it may sound, a simple vax has already shown you that they ARE NOT professional carpet cleaners and you should just turn them away. Yet there are people that come into your home and use cleaning chemicals which can be dangerous if you do not have the knowledge of how to use them properly, and more importantly do not have the right equipment to remove the dirt and chemicals properly.

    secrets your carpets hide from you

     Everyone has heard the nightmare stories about crimes committed, about overuse and improper use of chemicals, and exposes on bait-and-switch companies who use low coupon offers to get their foot in the door and hard sell unsuspecting consumers into a bill they are compelled to pay. When you open the phone book you really can't tell who the great carpet cleaners are, or the ones you would never ever want to use. The "great" carpet cleaners work hard to distinguish themselves apart from the fly-by-night companies who use unsafe cleaning practices, hard sell techniques and sometimes have very unsavoury employees.

    The Carpet Cleaner Man technicians carry a copy of their trade qualifications

     We at The Carpet Cleaner Man carry a copy of our trade qualifications, id and also a copy of the company insurance. These documents are available for any customers to check prior to even letting us into your home to clean your carpets or couches. The Carpet Cleaner Man is also a member of the well respected Federation of small business who provide great experience, knowledge and support and are also approved members of the Angus Reputable Traders Scheme run by trading standards.
    The Carpet Cleaner Man has many quality reviews on our Facebook page for future customers to view. For professional carpet cleaning in Dundee, Angus or Aberdeen, call free: 0800 246 1091


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