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  We provide a variety of carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and hard flor cleaning services for your home and business in Dundee, Tayside, Angus and Aberdeen.  Supplying our customers with a carpet cleaning service that can be tailored to their needs, from a single carpet cleaning to cleaning and protecting a full house. We clean carpets professionaly in your area, from St Andrews to Dundee, Perth and Angus and up to Aberdeen too. We have carpet cleaning offices in Dundee, Forfar and Aberdeen so are well situated to cater for all locations around Tayside and Aberdeenshire. Our carpet cleaners are fully insured for the items they are working on, unlike other companies who only carry liability insurance and all our carpet cleaning systems are industry recognised and approved. Cleaning carpets takes skill and knowledge. With our experience, The Carpet Cleaner Man is able to provide you with a 100% customer satisfaction experience. We guarantee you will notice the difference. For professional carpet cleaning in Dundee, Angus or Aberdeen, call free: 0800 246 1091

How do you clean carpets?

Hot water extraction carpet clean

Hot water extraction

Also known as steam cleaning or carpet shampooing. This is performed using a 5 stage system. If you hire a professional carpet cleaner and they don't do these stages,   then maybe the company is not as professional as they may have led you to believe.

  • Stage 1 - carpet gets vacuumed
  • Stage 2 - small stain treatment
  • Stage 3 - pre treatment spray
  • Stage 4 - agitation
  • Stage 5 - Hot water extraction
  • Stage 6 - (optional) carpet dryers
Using the carpet steam cleaning method will leave your carpets touch damp, they should be dry in 2 - 4 hours at most.

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  A regular carpet cleaning service by the carpet cleaner man will prolong the life of your carpets, maintain their colour and lift while removing harmful dirt and dust mites, providing a healthier environment for your home and a better quality for those with allergies and asthma.   Our carpet cleaning methods are recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and are the best suited to clean the carpets in your home or office.

tile and grout cleaning service

Low moisture carpet cleaning

Also called Encapsulation cleaning. This system will leave your carpets dry within 30 minutes and you can walk on it straight away.
  The process involves the encapsulating chemical being sprayed onto the carpet to be cleaned and then brushed in using a cylindrical or rotary brush machine or bonnet.   The encapsulation chemistry surrounds each soil particle and crystallizes it so it can't attract other soils.   The encapsulated soil particles release from the carpet fiber and are removed by normal vacuuming.
Some of the chemical will remain in your carpet forming a longer lasting protective treatment.

Dry carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a convenient way to deep clean your carpets with No Drying Time!
   Our system is thorough because we don't cut any corners. First, we thoroughly and professionally pre-vacuum your carpets and upholstery.   All spots and stains are then individually treated to ensure they are removed completely, and not just merged into your carpet. We then use our special Dry Carpet Cleaning Compound to deep clean your carpet from the base up; we call them sponges because they literally absorb the dirt.
   We use only the best products on the market to give you the best possible results. The sponges are backed up with lots of data and tests that prove our claims, plus it is a completely natural product!
  The natural and dry nature of the cleaning product makes it entirely suitable for all types of carpet from wool to synthetic and include all natural fibres so often found in homes across the UK such as sisal, coir and seagrass.

Carpet stain protection

    Some of us hesitate when purchasing a nice carpet for fear of destroying it in no time at all, be it a stain from our shoes or dropped glass of wine.  We have salesman trying to tell us that we need to splash out on the stain protector or scotch guarding which can make buying your new carpet even more expensive.carpet stain protection You may wonder "does carpet stain protection really work?" Is carpet stain protection worth it?
Whether carpet stain protector is worth paying for is a matter of opinion for each person, but you need all the information to make the right choice!

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Scotch guard Is Stain Protector Right?

There are different types of stain protector or Scotchguard, not everyone knows that Scotchguard is actually just a brand, a manufacturer of stain protector treatments. its not the name for stain protection just one manufacturer.

Stain protection doesn't last forever!

When your friends tell you not to have stain protection because they spilt a drink on their carpet and it soaked straight in, that the stain protection "didn't do a thing". Ask them how old there carpet was. Why? Because stain protector wears away, friction, light and cleaning can all have an effect on the stain protector slowly wearing the protection away.

Stain Protection is not a magical stain prevention

Don't listen to anyone that tells you it will stop any stain. Stain protection gives you extra time when dealing with spills. This means you get a little more time to run and grab that paper towel to soak up a spillage.     It also helps your carpet to resist dirt better, making it easier for your carpet cleaner to clean it on his next visit.

Stain protection won't work on all fibre types

Some protectors do not work on synthetic carpets and it is pretty much pointless on a 100% synthetic carpet, however if you have 100% wool carpet, then some form of stain protection is essential. Always check with the carpet manufacturer or the carpet cleaner that the type of stain protection being applied is suitable for the carpet style you have.

Will it stop colour fading?

No, that's not what it was created for. Direct sunlight over time can have an effect on the stain protection itself. Colour fade is something that will happen with most types of carpets and stain protector will have no effect on that what so ever, it is a clear coating after all.

So in conclusion ...

 Now that you know all the facts about stain protection, you just need to consider if stain protection will help you prevent stains in your home?
    For me personally I have stain protector downstairs in my living room and dining room, this helps me be sure that we can react quickly enough to any spillages. we have young children and spillages occur a lot in my home. we don't allow drinks upstairs so there is very little risk of staining up there, but every house is different.
The only thing left to consider is the price, Which can be different for each household. Carpet stain protection is priced on age of the carpet, traffic, type of carpet to be cleaned and many other factors.
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