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   Carpet cleaning in Dundee is best done by The Carpet Cleaner Man, That's because we are the expert carpet cleaners in Dundee who were rated Dundee's best carpet cleaner 2018 by ThreeTopRated.  We always use the best equipment, operated by dundee's most trained carpet cleaners to give you the deepest carpet clean possible.

Fixed price carpet cleaning in Dundee is guaranteed too, You won't pay more than you're quoted! Our prices include free small stain treatment and anti bacterial deodoriser/sanitiser to leave your home carpets clean and bacteria free. Using The Carpet Cleaner Man to clean your carpets in Dundee means you can relax knowing your carpets are in the hands of the top carpet cleaning company in Tayside and we guarantee you will notice the difference.
Take a look at some of our before and after pictures where you can see some of our results for yourself!

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the carpet cleaner man in Dundee

carpet cleaning in Dundee

Why us to clean your carpets in Dundee?

 There are many reasons that we decide to get our carpets cleaned by The Carpet Cleaner Man:

  • Local business
  • Great local reputation
  • The staff all grew up in Dundee
  • Quality service/affordable pricing
  • The best local service around
  • Service providers to many of the care homes and businesses in Dundee
     Are we expensive carpet cleaners in Dundee?    No, on average our prices are the same as a 'normal' carpet cleaners - in other words there is a big difference between the cheapest quote and the best value quote. By far our most popular request is the 'multi room discount'. Pound for pound the best deal around and ideal for spring cleaning, moving in or out.
 If you have the choice of hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Dundee with a portable machine or a cleaner with a truck mounted machine..the truck mount is the way to go.   Don't settle for the cheapest, settle for the BEST.  
    We also give complimentary deodoriser, scents and anti-bacterial treatment within our carpet cleaning price.  We won't charge extra for a deep clean because we only do a deep clean!  You get what you pay for when you hire The Carpet Cleaner Man in Dundee.

  • ✔ Angus Reputable Trader ✔
  • ✔ Member of The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance - member id 8737 ✔
  • ✔ Member of The Federation of Small Business ✔
  • ✔ Member of Expert Trades ✔
  • ✔ The only member of the TileMaster network in Scotland ✔
  • ✔ Trading Standards Approved ✔
  • ✔ The ONLY truck mounted carpet cleaners in Dundee & Angus ✔
 The Carpet Cleaner Man is a reliable, fully trained & insured carpet cleaning specialist in Dundee.
When it's time to have your carpets cleaned, get them cleaned by the best professional carpet cleaner in Dundee. Don't take the chance with a cowboy trader.
   To book our Dundee carpet cleaning Service , please call: 01382 680086 or fill out our quote request form.

Before and After

Check out some of our before and after carpet cleaning in Dundee pictures.
before and after carpet cleaning service   before and after carpet cleaning service   before and after carpet cleaning service    before and after carpet cleaning service   before and after carpet cleaning service    

    We're so sure that our Dundee carpet cleaning service will amaze you and you'll notice the difference, that we are happy to offer a money back guarantee. Fill in your details and get booked in today!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Question 01

    How long will it take to clean my carpet?

    A standard carpet clean will take us around an hour, if you are having multiple rooms cleaned then it will take a couple of hours for us to clean them using our five step cleaning syatem and our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine.

  • Question 02

    How long will it take my carpets to dry?

    This varies by carpet type, weather etc. We leave your carpet touch damp when finished. It will need an hour or two to dry completely. We ask that you try to not walk on the carpet for these couple of hours but if unavoidable, it won't cause any issues.

  • Question 03

    What cleaning method do you use?

    Not a lot of people know to ask this question, but the method and equipment a professional cleaner uses will have an effect on the results. We use a powerful, truck-mounted, hot water extraction unit (commonly known as steam cleaning) along with our multi-step cleaning process. This process is designed to deep clean carpet fibers, guaranteeing maximum soil removal and minimal drying time without leaving soil attracting residues behind.

  • Question 04

    I've heard that after cleaning, a carpet gets dirty quicker. Is this true?

    This problem is caused by sticky cleaning residues left behind by inexperienced, uneducated cleaners utilizing a poor quality "one-size-fits-all" carpet cleaning systems. Our multi-step cleaning process is customized to your carpet fiber, (Natural, synthetic, or even blends of the two) and soiling conditions. Rinsing with our powerful truck-mount extraction equipment guarantees maximum soil and detergent removal

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