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Why the carpet cleaner man?

 There are many reasons that we decide to get our carpets cleaned by The Carpet Cleaner Man:

  • Local business
  • run by a local Arbroath lad
  • Great local reputation
  • Trained & qualified specialists
  • Quality service/affordable pricing
  • The best local service around
  • Service providers to many of the care homes and businesses in Angus
     Our favourite reason for being the carpet cleaners in Arbroath to choose comes from our customers:

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Many homes and business are thrilled with our finished results and we're sure you will be too!  

Take a look at some of our before and after pictures where you can see some of our results for yourself! 01382 680086

The carpet cleaners in Arbroath

   Rated Best carpet cleaners in Arbroath 2018 by ThreeTopRated!

  • ✔ Angus Reputable Trader
  • ✔ Member of The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance - member id 8737
  • ✔ Member of The Federation of Small Business
  • ✔ Member of Expert Trades
  • ✔ The only member of the TileMaster network in Scotland
  • ✔ Trading Standards Approved
  • ✔ The ONLY truck mounted carpet cleaners in Dundee & Angus

Wherever debris can collect, vacuuming regularly is just not enough to ensure a clean and hygienic carpet.
The best vacuum cleaners remove only part of the deep down dirt that can include food, drink spills, flakes of dead skin cells, dust mite droppings, allergens like pollen and waste from pet accidents or nappy overflows. Even if your carpet looks clean, the settling of dust between the carpet fibres forms an abrasive layer that can shorten the life of your carpet with every step that is taken over it.

The average home collects 4 kg of dust every year and 90% of house dust is made up of our skin which we shed every three days. A regular food supply for the dust mites and bacteria that breed in our carpets.
Even if a carpet looks clean to the eye - what lies beneath can be a very different

Before and After

Check out some of our before and after images of our carpet cleaners in Arbroath.
before and after carpet cleaning service   before and after carpet cleaning service   before and after carpet cleaning service    before and after carpet cleaning service   before and after carpet cleaning service    

    We're so sure that our Arbroath carpet cleaning service will amaze you and you'll notice the difference, that we are happy to offer a money back guarantee. Fill in your details and get booked in today!

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